Chattajack Motivation : From a 5 year old

The FarshSo my son won’t be with us the weekend of Chattajack. He’s paddled miles and miles with us over the years, so naturally I kinda wish he’d be there on the banks of the river to give me a boost as I go by, but so be it.

We were talking this morning on the drive to school, and I thought hey maybe I can get a little mental nugget from him. I’m always encouraging him to try stuff, even if he’s afraid, or at least evaluate the options and decide what to do. This morning, it was my turn, and here’s how it went:

Me: “So. I’m a little nervous about Chattajack”.
M: “Why Mommy? You’ve already done Chattajack”.
Me: “Well, not the whole thing at once”.
M: “Yeah, but you’ve BEEN OUT THERE.” (pause) “What are you afraid of?”.
Me: “Well. I don’t know. I guess in part, not feeling well, in part the conditions like if it gets really windy and there’s a lot of chop, in part not finishing. Part of me is kinda afraid of GETTING afraid out there if that makes any sense.”
M: “Ok. Well. If you are paddling like this (puts hands up in perfect form, pleasant look on his face, mimics paddle stroke) and you get scared, just paddle like THIS (puts hands back up, makes grimace, and paddles harder), unnnghhhhhh!!!”.
Me: (chuckling) “What, is that ‘just get mad’ and do it”?
M: (matter of factly) “Yeah, make an ANNNNGRRRRYYY face”.
Me: “Well, thanks buddy. That’s actually really, really good advice”.
M: “No Problem” (pause) “That’s what friends are for”.

Amen, little dude, amen.


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